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The Promise of the Arctic:
The Evolution of Opportunity

The development of the Arctic is a long term vision, with substantial economic opportunities for the West Coast maritime industry.

With the US chairing the Arctic Council this year we have a unique opportunity to help craft national and global policy to further responsible economic activity.

In our 3rd Promise of the Arctic Conference, we’ll discuss how the maritime community can engage with public policymakers to ensure that US Arctic policy development furthers vibrant economic activity, safe navigation and responsible environmental stewardship.

Regulators, industry members and stakeholder groups will examine environmental and economic best practices being developed to protect the pristine waters of the Arctic, respond to the economic and cultural needs of Arctic coastal communities, and enhance economic opportunities for stakeholders in Alaska and the lower mainland.

Attendees will hear from industry members currently involved in maritime, mining and infrastructure projects, and we’ll hear from policy makers developing the regulatory environment that will govern future economic activities in the Arctic. We’ll also discuss how best to ensure that the communities in which we operate understand the responsible best practices that have made the West Coast maritime industry among the safest and best managed in the world.

If you are involved in maritime transportation, construction or resource extraction, the Promise of the Arctic has been developed to help you maximize the economic potential of the far north.

Browse the agenda or call our offices to learn more about the Promise of the Arctic.


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